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Carrie Fischer still dead

As is tom Petty. It's like a whole bunch of people are dying in a normal way but they're famous so everyone cares.

Thank god for MST3K: The Return. The TV you can put on when you don't really want to pay attention.

Also I just netflix binged the entire 8 series of Red Dwarf: it does *not* hold up. It's pretty misogynistic, racist and repetative. This is a show that didn't age well.



I have a Job. Everyone else at my job is worryingly svelte, young and attractive. The bastards. I have a plan. It involves narcissism through Technology and getting apps to work on my android phone via moving them from the SD to Internal memory.

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Dead Carries are no fun

RIP Carrie Fisher, drowned in moonlight & strangled by her own bra. 

Followed by her mother, preceeded by pretty much every famous person you can think of right now. Somewhere there's an after-life after-party where Bowie is belting out 'We can be heroes'. Maybe. Probably not but it's comforting to imagine.

And isn't a little comfort all we need when we look up into the vastness of space, that famously dead Dr Who script Editor Douglas Adams once described as "Big, Really big, no seriously, it's kind of mind bogglingly big"*

It's a big universe. Hell it's a big country if you're on roller skates.

For the record I'm not drunk or doing any fun drugs, I jsut seem to be doing some sort of odd stream-of-conciousness thing.

* No actually he didn't, but he said soemthing similar


Jesus wept. 2 years?

OK so I don't blog as much as I used to. I'm sorry, not sorry.

You know what I mean.

I was all set to nuke this site wehn I checked the stats and hey, turns out I actually have traffic. Go figure... So there's a reprieve and I'll see about throwing some yadda up here.



Objectivists are THE WORST because they hate paying for anything.

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