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The Buff – Not new, but still exceptional.

There is a thing as a stocking knitting machine. It knits in a spiral, continuously. You merely sew one end closed, measure as much fabric tube as you want, and cut and hem the open end. Voila, a stocking of the old style, or as we would call it, a sock.

A tube of fairly elastic material is useful.You can put it on your foot, roll it up your leg as an ankle warmer, pull it over your head as a hat and look like a 17th century sailor, keep your hair out of the way during  surgery and so on, and in fact that’s mainly what lengths of stocking knit fabric have been used for throughout history, until the whole thing became unfashionable.

However, there's still a few companies making items this way – Or rather one very successful company and a score of people doing fairly inferior cheap knockoffs.

That company is Buff ( http://www.buffwear.com/ ).

I would like to concentrate on one particular Buff product which I regard as superior to the other, well made and useful varieties, and that is the Wool Buff.

Made from Merino wool, it’s soft, non scratchy, roughly a yard long, and is a lot wider than the normal run of Buffs, making it a lot more comfortable for people who’s collar size is a little higher than say, 16”.

Due to it’s length and width it also folds and hangs around the neck in quite a fetching way, though mostly I recommend it as a way to stop the warm air in your clothes from escaping through your collar, without the need to constantly re-wrap a scarf. It also makes a fairly dandy helmet liner or just a way to tuck all your hair back and keep it out of the way.

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