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French Onion Soup

Personally I hate the stuff, but that's merely a shrieking terror of food that has onions in. I was attacked by an onion as a youngster of a mere 29 years old and it's scarred me for life, metaphorically.

Anyway - There's several (hundred (thousand)) recipes you can get by googling but since the topic came up, here's a couple that caught my eye.


  1. The Food Network (UK)
    First - The food network lets you easily print the recipe in a printer friendly format, including index cards.
    Second - Their mobile apps let you one-click add the ingredients to a shopping list
    Third - Feedback - You can check to see what other people say about these recipes.
  2. About.com
    A rather plainer site but this one offeres a gluten free version because not everyone can, or wants to eat bread. The advantage being that you can use both recipes and just substitute the gluten/gluten free parts as you will.

After mentioning French Onion Soup, there were a couple of comments made - Derecho, a frequent commenter and regular on this column since the very first post, says:

"I love French onion soup, though I'm of the opinion that a sheet of a cheese that doesn't get stringy when melted should be laid across the top."

The classic recipe calls for Gruyere, but if that's not available you could try Emmenthal or even Edam (which does get string). That said, if you're willing to use Edam there's nothing stopping you using Babybel cheese – Or even mixing your own blend of grated or sliced cheese. Stilton and Brie anyone?


Reader Comments (1)

I love french onion soup too but it must be made with sweet onions, preferably the hybrid Candy Sweet. Unlike Derecho I like stringy swiss cheese on top and also crutons.

April 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTatsu

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