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"BakeitFun" Silicone kneading bag. Pt. 1

A Silicone rubber bag with a silicone re-usable zip tie.

At this point you've basically already worked out exactly how this is goign to work: You put your flour and water etc. into the bag, and knead without actually having to touch the dough, or get flour or oil all over your counter.

Mine arrived about 15 minutes ago, so I set some yeast going, located my basil infused olive oil (Mm, smells good. Store brand too.) loaded up some flour and gave it a good squidging around.

It's easy to see where the flour's not mixed in, and it's very easy to knead and work one, or two handed even if you're short on space - And I'm going to test to see if it can be left in the bag to raise, which should avoid the dough drying out, and allow for the second round of kneading before turning out.

In theory I should be able to go from start to finish without ever touching the actual dough, which would be fun.

In Pt 2 I'll determine if it all worked out.

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