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Buff Update

Since I've managed to pull holes in both my Merino wool Buffs due to wearing them with velcro and catching them with zips, I determined it was time to add a new acquisition - The Buff wool neckwarmer and Smurf  hat.

Neck warmer

Take a normal length buff and turn it down so it's double layered. Voila. In this case, the neck warmer uses two different colours so you can reverse it or turn it down for accent colour.

It settles nicely around the neck and is warm, so... job done, I suppose.

It's slightly more elegant than the standard single colour version and still long enough to pull up as a face mask in the cold and wind.

Gnome Hat

Your basic beanie. Long enough to turn up to show the accent colour or pull down over your ears. Or, and this is the main selling point,  wear like a beret by puling it up and folding it over at the top.

Fold it forward to show your support for Smurf pride. To the side if you're being artistic, fold to make it look like you're developing cat ears, or tuck for a beret look.

Joking aside it's got space for big hair, it's very comfortable and light yet warm and actually pretty damn stylish. The alternative to dragging a buff on your head and twisting it in the middle to close it off.


The neck warmer and hat combo both share colour schemes so you can pair them. Currently I have 'Tobacco' which is a dark yellowish mustardy green that's more like antiqued brass. The alt colour is a warm grey so I can run around looking like a formal nutter, or a happy fun serial killer.

Suggested use

Obviously light outdoor use when it's a little chilly - This thing won't keep you comfy when it's seriously cold - For that you'll need to examine Buff's other heavier options.

However if you're having to work in a chill area or you find there's a draft down the back of your neck this is ideal. 

Within reason it also makes a dandy liner between your neck and collar or your head and hood - If you have a mesh or plastic lined hood for instance, the hat resolves the damp or clingy feel

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