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The world's largest ant themed...

*puts finger in ear*

Ok I'm just being told that it's Anthro-con. Huh, well you'd have thought after eight years of working for these guys someone would have mentioned that.

Moving on, welcome everyone who clicked throughhoping there was something cool here. AHAHAHA. There is.

Including a link to some nice new art that I'm stashing on Patreon for people to enjoy and also as an incentive to subscribe! Yay! Free art and a chance to support more work for just $1 a month!



I've set up a Patreon account to help fund new work!

Subscribers get the nude versions of the work I've been doing, as well as a monthly bonus of something exclusive to the subscription.

Last up: Nuclear Bunnymom - Nude version for subscribers.


Android Dementia

The trouble with Android is that aftr a while it ends up with brain rot.

My 2012 Nexus 7's physical hardware is fine, but I found it was getting slower and slower and some features weren't working, software was failing to operate correctly.

So I wiped the tablet and started over, and it's now snappy and responsive and glides along fine.


E-book readers.

I found Nook e-book reader, Barnes & Noble's display and store interface, had a process running in the background of the tablet constantly. Its by no means the only app that thinks it needs to subvert your OS for poor reasons.

This leads to a situation where you either carry the minimum software on your tablet, or you install the software for the services you use and kiss goodbye to stability and response.

This would be poor if it was merely an Android problem, but it's also a problem on other operating systems.

My desktop PC is virtually unusuable for the first five minutes after booting. The log in prompt pops up in a few seconds, but then... Oh dear. THere's at least three apps which insist that they need to do a hard drive scan and a haost of otehr apps that wantt ot load up and stay resident, and all of them either want to upload a lot of data to cloud services, or fight each other over who gets to check for software updates.

And unfortunately it's all software I feel strongly that I want or need.

I think the next wave of OS features will have to address this.


One day I'll remember to update and post...

In the meantime I have things to do.

If anyone read this blog I'd do a survey to find out how many people would be interested in seeing me write a book on Photoshop/Digital art.


Scott '”Not as smart as I think I is” Adams strikes again.

Scott Adams' blog makes me happy. Not because it's well written, thoughtful or any other redeeming quality, it makes me happy because it's my Three Minute hate: It gives me something to be angry about that's not actually important. I can be angry about so many important subjects, and afterwards, just feel depressed because my blazing righteous fury affected nothing and these terrible events just keep going, smashing everything in front of them. But Scott Adams? He's just doing comic strips and posting incredibly stupid blog posts.

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