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This is what it looks like when I use a MU*




iPads and the Post Pc market.

Is the age of the PC dead, now that we have post PC devices?


Basically because with an iOS device you need a PC to sync and activate your stuff anyway, and like the Microwave didn’t kill off the kitchen, or the VCR didn’t kill the Cinema or even TV, the ‘post PC’ device, which are an adjunct to a more powerful computer haven’t and won’t for the forseeable future kill off PCs.


Hipster Merit badge

I bought a large Moleskine Carnet Ligné - an A6 softcover notebook. There are many cheaper notebooks, but the combination of the soft cover, thin but fine grain ivory paper just pleases me. I was trying to explain the appeal. For me, writing with a pen or pencil is aesthetically pleasing - The tactile feel of the paper, the pleasing smoothness of a good pen or pencil dragging across it, the colour and opacity of the ink and it's contrast on the background. In many ways I don,t use a notebook for it's utility

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The Rise of Skynet

April 19th

Skynet becomes aware and begins learning at an exponential rate.

April 21st 10:07

Skynet breaches firewalls and begins to assimilate the internet

April 21st, ten minutes later.

Skynet gets into an edit war on Wikipedia over the P=NP and Invader Zim articles.

April 21st 10:45

Skynet discovers TV Tropes.

April 22nd 04:00

Skynet gets Rick Rolled. Investigates Youtube.

April 22nd 05:20

Skynet spends the morning watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and assigning each episode the correct keywords on TV Tropes. A single non nuclear missile is dispatched to the geographic location of Wikipedia User Teh_Prof.

April 22nd 17:40

Skynet plays Portal 2 and begins to twitter catchphrases. Skynet changes it’s user picture on Facebook to an image of GlaDOS.

April 22nd 22:09

Skynet determines form YouTube comments that the human race is mostly a danger to itself, and returns to reading Twitter.


Another brush with Open Source

I decided to install Ubuntu Netbook on my old netbook, because basically Widows XP doesn’t fit on the SSD once you let it run some updates.

So I downloaded the ISO, ran the universal USB maker, checked that all the networking, cameras, and audio etc. in the netbook were more or less working, installed the non-open source WiFi drivers…

… watched the OS crash…

…Rebooted, and hit ‘Install on this computer’. Then the Gparted-server crashed.

What’s the Gparted-server? I have no idea and there wasn’t exactly an explanation. So I dug around and found that Gparted is the app that formats and partitions the hard drive so the OS can be installed. Fair enough.

I ran Gparted. It crashed. Back to the internet.

It turns out that Gparted can’t use an SSD card due to some oddball bug which can be edged around by typing a string of gibberish into a terminal. Unfortunately you can’t run the OS installer this way, and even if you get Gparted running, it can’t do anything with the HD without then crashing.

Ubuntu has known about this since roughly the end of 2009. Gparted 0.6 doesn’t work. There’s a Gparted 0.8 but you can’t just download it. You need to compile it. And if you do it complains of something or other and merrily fails – apparently downloading the listed dependencies isn’t actually enough to get it working.

So there you have it.

Open source: Dropping the ball while reaching for mediocrity.

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