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Conversations with my 8 year old self

2012: Hey! Hey! Over here!


2012: I’m you from the year 2012!

1984: WOW

2012: … OK, Take the caps lock off. Look, I haven’t got long but I thought I’d tell you, you get this far at least.

1984 how is future. do yuo hav an lasir

2012: Well it’s pretty good. I mean there’s a recession but there’s plenty food and stuff. Yes, we have LASERs.

1984: wow i want a lasir wen i grow up an ill bbe all like pew pew die alein

2012: Yeah… no. We use them to annoy cats.

1984: i dont unnerstannd are you an famuos astrount in the futre

2012: No… sorry, turns out that it was cheaper to send a robot. We ditched the space program, junked all the space shuttles and went back to annoying cats with Lasers.

1984: oh i ht the futer it sucks

2012: On the upside there’s so much porn.

1984: i dont understaned

2012: Give it four years. OK, time’s up, I’m going to eat icecream.

1984: astranot icecream

2012: No.

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