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I have a Job. Everyone else at my job is worryingly svelte, young and attractive.

The bastards.

I have a plan. It involves narcissism through Technology and getting apps to work on my android phone via moving them from the SD to Internal memory.

1a: A Fitbit is a useful tool for counting steps, telling time and tacking sleep and getting a more or less accurate-ish idea of how your heart's doing.

1b: Collorary: If you start tweeting it, or mentioning it casually, you're That Person. The one who manages to mention how they're Vegan/Don't watch TV/Read Proust in the original Klingon/Into MLP/Into Zoophilia/ad nauseum, into every conversation, no mater how unrelated.
You are a bad person. 

2a: Once you have this things strapped to your wrist it's time to use the whizzy apps to get an idea of how much exercise you need...

2b: ... and how much you can stand. Good job this thing is a pretty watch because after a while you're gonna turn off all the health features and tell it your daily goal is the ten step shuffle between your bed and your toilet just so it'll shut up.

3a: Yeah I probably should drink more water. The point where I got so dehydrated that my eyeballs flayed themselves because they were glued to the inside of my eyelids was a hint.

3b: Not a joke. It's as awful as it sounds.

Techy Bit.

As any fule kno, my allegiance is to Android, on Moto phones. The cheap ones. The G4 Play to be exact. Why? It's cheap, were you not listening reading?

So I was disappointed to find that the Fitbit app cannot find my Fitbit Physical Thingy and times out and crashes every thirty seconds. This really makes the whole 'smart watch' thing feel  a bit of a wheeze.

Aha, but then I also bought a cheap SD card back before high speed, app certified storage was a thing! So maybe I just need to move my apps around and fix a few problems - a quick install on my Nvidia Shield tablet shows that the Fitbit app is actually pretty slick and smooth, and works perfectly well.

So how does one go about moving apps off SD and onto the far faster Internal Storage?

Turns out you open Apps, go to the app info and tap on Storage, which will give you the option to swap it from one to the other.

One quick reboot to clear the cruft and my phone is now part of the exciting world of making my wrist vibrate for calendar events. Yay me.

Actually that's goign to be super useful at work where a couple of inaudible yet detectable alarms will do wonders for my time management. Now if only Fitbit would catch and send more notifications, I'd be quids in...


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