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Crysis 2: The Review they didn’t tell you about.

If you check reviews for Crysis 2, they all seem to read the same:

Gosh what a pretty game, I don’t understand the plot, oh hey, Multiplayer!

Having just beaten this game I feel in a position to give an actually useful review of this game, including a few pointers to why you might like to wait for it.

The Good

The 8 hour long single player game, which took me 12 hours to play is a fun romp. The story is interesting enough, the locations are varied enough and playing a super-powered tank-man is great fun, especially in the set pieces where you’re given scope to just go nuts and enjoy feeling like you’re some unstoppable behemoth, or in normal gameplay where you’re usually free to play things your own way.

Movement is smooth – Jumping has some sort of smart filter so hitting ‘jump’ means you’ll actually take off from the edge of a ledge instead of too early or too late – grabbing ledges and hauling yourself up is automatic, and sprinting is just a key press away.

This means you can leap over a car, hit the ground, accelerate to thirty odd miles an hour, drop to the ground and slide into cover or under something, pop up, hurl yourself onto a rooftop and drop into cover in one fluid, speedy sequence, firing as you go, dropping in and out of cloak or shield modes as you need.

Talking of which, the suit modes have been re-worked to be a lot more intuitive and easy to use, making them fun to play with and combine.

The Not so good

It’s an 8 hour long single player game that takes 12 hours to play, because there’s parts where you don’t have leeway to do things your way, the infamous ‘Stand here and shoot in-coming waves for X minutes’ situations, which exist only to pad the game.

There's also a couple of moments when you get treated to a cut scene and then suddenly  you get “Press X not to die” pop up at the bottom of the screen unexpectedly while you’re looking at the huge set piece animation elsewhere.

And as per usual if you get the Steam version there’s no apparently way to find the manual, and even searching for a PDF in the Steam directory yields no results. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be a manual for the Steam version of the game at all – you just have to hope everything is explained. It isn’t.

Aiming with the controller is still a major pain, and the first patch out removed the target lock. Presumably because that knocked 4-6 hours off the gameplay when you could actually hit what you were aiming for.

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